Friday, June 28, 2013


This weekend's forfeited trip to Oregon in the WPSL NW by the Spokane Shine, by all unofficial accounts, will most likely mean the end of the team's future inclusion in the division under current management. INWsoccernews, which also longs for the return of PDL soccer to the region, believes keeping an elite amateur women's team in the greater-Spokane area is important to player development and inspiration for the youth.

To that end, I call for everyone - past Shine game attendees; all friends and family of players; and soccer enthusiasts and administrators - come out for the Shine season finale Tuesday night at Spokane Falls Community College (7:00) to SUPPORT THE PLAYERS and send a message to the other teams in the division and league management that the Spokane area should continue to be considered for future inclusion, though likely via a new team/ownership.

Most importantly, let's honor a group of players that includes many that have stuck with it and battled through difficult conditions this year with a big send-off in the final game of the season. They may be going into the game with -6 points in the table, but maybe with YOUR SUPPORT they can go out on a positive note, perhaps even register an upset VICTORY.

Spread the word and bring out your friends!  --  Tuesday, July 2, 7:00 @ Spokane Falls CC

- Gerald Barnhart