Saturday, July 18, 2015

EPLWA Round-Up - July 17

Brady Ulen celebrates Shadow winner versus Wenatchee
Down to two.

The week started early with league-leading South Sound showing they were not going to just lay down for the Shadow, who had grabbed control in the title race the previous weekend. The Shock downed Vancouver Wednesday in a game that narrowed the title contenders realistically down to two sides. The weekend action, though, featured some surprise outcomes, the most notable being South Sound dropping points against Bellingham, which was previously pointless.

The week's results leave just South Sound and Spokane in contention for the title. The defending champion Shadow, trailing currently by two, only need five points from their final three games, two of which are on the road this week. The Shock, meanwhile, are idle in league play this week before wrapping things up at Wenatchee.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

EPLWA Round-Up - July 11

Extreme temperatures added to a huge week as the league's title race began to truly heat up with some big match-ups between some of the contenders. In the end, Vancouver's struggles continued as they dropped matches to both South Sound and Spokane, which posted a six-point weekend while on the road to take control in the title race courtesy of having games in hand.

Meanwhile, things are getting interesting for the rest of the pack as four teams are now separated by five points in the race to finish fourth going into the final two weeks of play.