Thursday, April 30, 2015

Help Us Out - Missing high school game info

Thank you for your viewership and INWsn hopes you are enjoying the site and its new expanded coverage of the high school ranks. Unfortunately, the difficulty in covering high school sports is that sometimes it can be difficult to track down complete information due to its online availability or a lack of communication with coaches, etc. INWsn has done its best to get create a database of HS info, but is missing the following information.

If you have any info, PLEASE message via Facebook or send an email to Or, if you know someone on coaching staff, maybe give them a nudge to reach out as we are also missing contact info for a handful of coaches.

MISSING INFORMATION (important items noted in bold)

Northeast A League
March 31: Medical Lake v Newport - ALL DATA 
April 16: Deer Park v Newport - Goalkeepers for both teams   

Mid-Columbia Conference
March 17: Walla Walla goalkeeper(s)
March 21: Richland v Kamiakin - KHS goal times and assists (if applicable); RHS goal info and both teams' goalkeepers    
March 31: Walla Walla v Richland - ALL DATA  
March 31: Chiawana goalkeeper(s)
March 31: Kamiakin goalkeeper(s)
April 7: Walla Walla goalkeeper(s)
April 7: Richland goalkeeper(s)
April 18: Kamiakin v Walla Walla scoring info & goalkeeper(s), KHS goal time & goalkeeper(s)   
April 18: Southridge goalkeeper(s)
April 25: Southridge goalkeeper(s)
April 28: Hanford scoring info and goalkeeper(s)  

Columbia Basin Big 9
March 20: Sunnyside v Moses Lake - Both teams' goalkeepers
March 21: Wenatchee goalkeeper(s)
March 24: Eastmont v Eisenhower - ALL DATA   
March 24: Davis v Sunnyside - Davis scoring info & goalkeeper(s), Sunnyside goal times and assists   
March 24: Moses Lake v West Valley - Both teams' goalkeepers  
March 31: Moses Lake v Eastmont - Both teams' goalkeepers  
March 31: Wenatchee v West Valley - ALL DATA  
March 31: Davis v Eisenhower - ALL DATA   
April 3: Eastmont scoring info  
April 7: Wenatchee v Eastmont - ALL DATA  
April 10: Moses Lake v Wenatchee - ALL DATA  
April 10: Eisenhower goalkeeper(s)  
April 10: Sunnyside order & times of goals & assists
April 14: Moses Lake v Sunnyside - ML scoring and goalkeeper info, SHS order & times of goals & assists  
April 17: Eisenhower v Eastmont - ALL DATA  
April 24: Eisenhower v Davis - ALL DATA  
April 24: Eastmont v Moses Lake - ALL DATA  
April 28: Eastmont goalkeeper(s)