Monday, January 16, 2017

Results for the NW at Region IV ODP Championships

Region IV held its ODP championships on the first full weekend of the new year. Several sides from the northwest performed well at the event in the Phoenix with Washington seeing three teams reach the finals and two others advancing to the final four. Eastern Washington also saw a team advance to the semifinals, but it was Oregon claiming the lone title for the NW with the 2000 Boys winning a Region IV championship.

2000 Boys

Oregon took group B with a 2-1-0 record while Washington finished tied at 1-1-1 with Cal North in the group. Idaho, meanwhile, was 0-2-1 in Group C. Oregon wen ton to top Nevada 2-1 in the semifinals and claim the regional crown with a 1-0 victory against Cal South.

2001 Boys

The Washington side was the lone team from the northwest sides to reach the semifinals, finishing atop Group C with a 3-0-0 record against Nevada, Alaska and Colorado. The run, however, came to an end in a 3-1 loss to Arizona Red, which finished second in Group B to Cal South, whom they tied 0-0 in group play but lost to, 3-0, in the rematch for the championship. Group B was a tough draw for Eastern Washington and the Idaho teams, who finished third (1-2-0) and fourth (0-3-0) behind the eventual finalists, respectively. Oregon was 1-2-0 for last in Group A.

2002 Boys

Washington was 2-0-1 for second in Group A and Idaho 2-1-0 for second in Group B, Washington to advance to the semifinals in the wild card chase. Washington, though, was topped 2-1 by Arizona in the semifinals. Eastern Washington was third in Group C with a 1-1-1 record and Oregon third in Group A with a 1-2-0 mark.

2003 Boys 

None of the sides from the northwest advanced from their groups. Oregon WC and Washington were both 2-0-1 in their respective groups while the other Oregon side was 2-1-0 and the duo of Eastern Washington and Idaho were 0-3-0.

2004 Boys

Both Eastern Washington (1-1-1) and Montana (2-1-0) finished second in their groups, but with four groups they were left out of the semifinals. Oregon was 2-1-0 for third in its group while Idaho went 0-3-0.

2000 Girls 

Washington won Group B with a 2-0-1 record that included a 0-0 draw with Idaho, which finished second at 1-0-2. Washington moved on to win in the semifinals, 1-0, against Utah before falling to Cal South, 3-1, in the final. Eastern Washington was 0-3-0 and Oregon 0-2-0 in group play.

2001 Girls

Eastern Washington advanced to the semifinals with a 2-1-0 record that was good for second in Group A, but were knocked out, 4-0, by eventual champion Cal South, who beat Group A winner Utah in the final. Washington was 1-1-1 and Idaho 0-3-0 in Group B behind Arizona.

2002 Girls

Eastern Washington was second in Group A at 2-1-0, but were edged out by their west side counterparts, who were second at 2-0-1 in Group B behind Cal South, for the wild card. Washington went on to edge Utah 1-0 in the semifinals before falling to Cal South in the championship, 3-1, in a rematch of the 1-1 group affair between the two. Idaho was third in Group A at 1-2-0 and Oregon went 0-3-0.

2003 Girls 

Washington swept Group C to reach the semifinals and blanked Cal North 2-0 in the elimination game. Cal South, however, took the title with a 2-0 result in the final. Eastern Washington was third at 1-2-0 in Group A while Idaho (0-2-1), Oregon (1-2-0) and Montana (0-3-0) finished last in their groups.

2004 Girls 

Eastern Washington finished second in Group B with a 1-1-1 record, but it was a four-group bracket, leaving them out of the semifinal picture. Oregon (1-2-0) finished third in Group A while Montana (0-2-1), Idaho (0-3-0) and Washington (1-1-1) finished bottom of their groups.