Tuesday, September 23, 2014

EPD selections unveiled by Washington Youth Soccer

Washington Youth Soccer released its list of Elite Player Development (EPD) selections for the State Team pools late last week for boys and girls from 1998-2022 birth years.

According to WYS, players were scouted via the Regional Club League (RCL), state cup championship games and five tryout locations - Moses Lake for Eastern Washington on August 11 and 25.

Players selected to the EPD state pool participate in monthly training sessions with nationally licensed EPD coaching staff, and have the potential to be selected for competitions including the US Youth Soccer Region IV ODP Championships.

INW-area Player Selections*

Boys 2000
Jacob Bloomfeld - FC Spokane
Chase Howat - Washington East

Boys 2001
Jeffrey Friedman - Spokane Shadow
Rory St Hilaire - Three Rivers
Brayden Tucker - Spokane Shadow
Cameron Weller - Spokane Shadow

Boys 2002
Spencer Crithfield - Three Rivers

Girls 1998
McKaley Goffard - Three Rivers

Girls 1999
Rilee Castilla - Three Rivers

Girls 2000
Kelsey Crosby - Spokane Shadow
Kendra Hanses - Central Washington SA
Daniela Mendoza - Three Rivers

Girls 2001
Marissa Bankey - Spokane Shadow
Alyssa Crooks - Spokane Shadow
Amber Hickman - Spokane Shadow

Girls 2002
Lauren Chester - Spokane Shadow
Delaney Pink - Three Rivers
Ashley Tonthat - Three Rivers

Full EPD List [+]

*List based on clubs listed by WYS - If player traveling to play for west-side club not listed, please feel free to message INWsn.