Friday, May 24, 2013

WPSL's Best in Washington - Help us Decide and Inland NW Soccer News are teaming up to cover the all-Washington WPSL matches between the Spokane Shine and the Seattle-area trio of Emerald City FC, Seattle Reign Reserves (Issaquah SC) and AC Seattle and at the end of the season pronounce the team with the best record as Washington Champions. The only problem is, we don't quite know what to call it. For the past month we have bandied about a few ideas - the usual and creative - and have culled the list down to a few.

Now it is your turn to provide further insight as we search for both a name and a 'trophy.' In addition to the poll, we welcome any other suggestions in case we missed something that truly resonates with the competition at hand. More importantly, if anyone has ideas or something to donate as the trophy, we would love to hear or see it.

The Names:

Evergreen Cup / Series / Challenge: Since it is the Evergreen State, this is one of the symbols that certainly represents the entire state and will be applicable for any future changes such as expansion. One 'trophy' concept considered thus far is the presentation of a small evergreen tree sapling that the winner could plant in their town at a special place in a special event. Multiple Evergreen titles could result in a 'champions grove' of trees.

I-90 Cup / Series / Challenge: Fairly obvious, I-90 is the major interstate highway that connects Spokane and Seattle, the home of the four current teams. Old highway signs or replicas (which we don't currently possess) in some form could serve as the trophy.

Fay Fuller Cup / Series / Challenge: Though Fay Fuller is not representative of soccer, she is a very prominent female figure in the state's history having been the first woman to ever reach the summit of Mt Rainier (1890). Women climbing mountains - you can't really get any more symbolic than that when it comes to athletics and equality. Fuller was a journalist (a nice touch for GoalWA and INWsoccernews) and a school teacher who lived from 1869-1958. We welcome any creative trophy ideas representing Fuller - perhaps antique climbing gear or a plaque-like representation of Mt Rainier. More on Fuller [+]