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High School Girls Update - October 23: G-Prep clinches GSL, Idaho semis set

Gonzaga Prep locked up the Greater Spokane League regular season title with a stunning 5-0 victory Wednesday over second-place Mead with the final night of games remaining Friday. The Bullpups are nearly perfect with a shootout win within its 8-0 record. The rest of the league, meanwhile, features a jumble of teams from second to sixth that are separated by six points, including 3A school Mt Spokane, which has locked up the top spot in their classification.

Regular Season GSL Champion Bullpups (courtesy GPHS)
In the lower classifications, the race remains close for the top two in the Great Northern League and Northeast A League. After dropping a point in a shootout win to Clarkston Tuesday, West Valley rebounded with a win in their finale Thursday to join East Valley at the top of the table on points, leaving things up to Saturday's final game between the Knights and host Clarkston. In the NEA, Deer Park leads Freeman by three points with the two set to meet at Deer Park in the season finale. Before then the league-leaders have any easy foe in Colville while Freeman plays takes on Lakeside, who handed them their other league defeat.

Elsewhere on this side of the state the only real surprise came Thursday amidst a Columbia Basin Big Nine trio of 3-1 results. Sunnyside picked up its first victory of the season against fellow cellar dweller Eisenhower, moving out of the last-place spot based on points with the two now tied at 1-9 on the year. West Valley (Yakima) remains perfect at 10-0 in the 4A Big Nine while 3A Southridge is comfortably in front at 12-1 in the Mid Columbia Conference and further down the table 4A Chiawana is assured the top spot in its classification as the league hits the field for the regular season finales Saturday. The Big Nine wraps things up next week with two more game days.

Across the border, Idaho kicked off the state playoffs Thursday. Most of the district-winners from the Inland Empire League and Intermountain league advanced to the semifinals with victories in the opening round. The IEL5 winners from Lake City advanced with the boys downing Boise 2-1 and the girls topping Rocky Mountain 4-3. Play-in winner Coeur d'Alene dropped a 1-0 contest to Centennial.

The IEL4 schools split as the Lakeland boys blew by Blackfoot 4-0 and reigning two-time state champion Sandpoint were unable to survive penalty kicks, falling 3-1 in the tiebreaker after a scoreless draw against Century to end hopes of a three-peat. Unexpected district runner-up and play-in winner as the IEL third-seed, the Moscow boys side was knocked into the consolation portion of the bracket with 2-0 defeat to Century.

Intermountain boys runners-up and district tournament champion Bonners Ferry was handily dispatched 6-0 by Community. Meanwhile, the top two girls sides from the Intermountain League moved on with champion Timberlake downing Community 2-1 and CDA Charter edging Shelley 3-2 to keep alive their chances to repeat after claiming the region's first girls 3A title a year ago. The two Intermountain League sides will now square off for a spot in the state final.

The teams that lost on opening day Thursday are now in the consolation half of the bracket, and have a chance to continue playing for fifth in state.

Idaho State Tournaments 

Friday Semifinals (with North Idaho schools) [all times MT]
5AG: Lake City v Mountain View 11:30  (Final Score: LC 2-1 MV)
5AB: Lake City v Rocky Mountain 11:30 (Final Score: LC 1-3 RM)
4AB: Lakeland v Bishop Kelly 2:00 (Final Score: LAK 3-0 BK) 
3AG: CDA Charter v Timberlake 2:00 (Final Score: CDAC 2-0 TIM)
Friday Semifinals (other schools)
5AG: Boise v Centennial 2:00 (Final Score: BOI 1-OT-0 CEN)
5AB: Timberline v Centennial 2:00 (Final Score: TIM 2-1 CEN)
4AG: Century v Twin Falls 2:00 (Final Score: CEN 2-3 TF)
"""" : Preston v Bishop Kelly 2:00 (Final Score: PRE 1-0 BK)
4AB: Century v Caldwell 2:00 (Final Score: CEN 1-0 CAL)
3AG: Weiser v Marsh Valley 2:00 (Final Score: WEI 5-1 MV) 
3AB: Weiser v Sugar-Salem 2:00 (Final Score: WEI 2-0 SS) 

CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES - Saturday  (all times MT) 
5AG: Lake City v Centennial 4:30  (Final Score: LC 1-PK-1 CEN :: PK 6 rds 3-4)
5AB: Rocky Mountain v Timberline 7:30  (Final Score: RM 1-2 TIM)
4AG: Twin Falls v Preston 4:30  (Final Score: TF 0-OT-1 PRE)
4AB: Lakeland v Century 7:00  (Final Score: LAK 1-3 CEN)
3AG: Coeur d'Alene Charter v Weiser 10:00  (Final Score: CDAC 1-4 WEI)
3AB: Community v Weiser 1:00  (Final Score: COM 2-5 WEI)

5AG: Mountain View v Boise 1:00  (Final Score: MV 0-2 BOI)
5AB: Lake City v Centennial 1:00  (Final Score: LC 3-2 CEN)
4AG: Century v Bishop Kelly 1:00  (Final Score: CEN 3-1 BK)
4AB: Bishop Kelly v Caldwell 1:00  (Final Score: BK 2-1 CAL)
3AG: Timberlake v Marsh Valley 1:00  (Final Score: TIM 3-1 MV)
3AB: Teton v Sugar-Salem 1:00  (Final Score: TET 1-0 SS)

CONSOLATION GAMES (fifth) - Saturday 
5AG: Coeur d'Alene v Rocky Mountain 10:00  (Final Score: CDA 0-3 RM)
5AB: Boise v Vallivue 10:00  (Final Score: BOI 3-0 VAL)
4AG: Kuna v Middleton 10:00  (Final Score: KUN 1-2 MID)
4AB: Moscow v Twin Falls 10:00  (Final Score: MOS 1-4 TF)
3AG: Shelley v Teton 10:00  (Final Score: SHE 2-0 TET)
3AB: Emmett v Filer 10:00  (Final Score: EMM 5-1 FIL)

Here is a look around the leagues for Eastern & Central Washington (all stats are unofficial) and an update on Idaho playoffs:

If you have any updates for stats (particularly assists that go unrecorded for road games), please drop INWsn a note at  INWsn is currently missing scoring (and GK) information for 10/15 Moses Lake @ Eastmont, 10/13 Eastmont @ Eisenhower, 10/3 Pasco @ Walla Walla, 9.24 Medical Lake @ Newport and 9/12 Kennewick @ Southridge games. 

SPOKANE AREA LEAGUES ##############  

GNL Tuesday: West Valley 1-SO-0 Clarkston; Pullman 0-5 East Valley
NEA Tuesday: Freeman 3-1 Colville; Lakeside 3-6 Deer Park; Newport 5-1 Medical Lake
GSL Tuesday: Lewis & Clark 2-OT-3 Shadle Park
GSL Wednesday: University 2-1 Ferris; Rogers 1-6; Central Valley 0-2 Mt Spokane; Mead 0-5 Gonzaga Prep
GNL Thursday: Clarkston 1-OT-2 Pullman; Cheney 0-3 West Valley
NEA Thursday: Medical Lake 0-5; Riverside 1-OT-2 Lakeside; Colville 1-2 Newport

Remaining Games
GSL Friday: North Central @ Ferris; Mt Spokane @ Gonzaga Prep; Rogers @ Lewis & Clark; Central Valley @ Shadle Park; Mead @ University
GNL Saturday: Pullman @ Cheney; East Valley @ Clarkston
NEA Tuesday: Deer Park @ Colville; Lakeside @ Freeman; Riverside @ Medical Lake
NEA Thursday: Freeman @ Deer Park; Colville @ Lakeside; Newport @ Riverside

NEW Photos: 10.17 East Valley @ West Valley [+]... 10.22 Riverside @ St Georges (NL) [coming soon] -- All INWsn HS Galleries [+]


CBB9 Tuesday: Eastmont 3-SO-2 Davis; Eisenhower 1-5 Wenatchee; Sunnyside 0-10 West Valley
CBB9 Thursday: Wenatchee 3-1 Davis; Eisenhower 1-3 Sunnyside; Moses Lake 1-3 West Valley
MCC Tuesday: Richland 4-1 Walla Walla; Pasco 2-SO-3 Kennewick; Hanford 0-2 Chiawana; Kamiakin 0-3 Southridge

Remaining Games
MCC Saturday: Kennewick @ Hanford, Walla Walla @ Kamiakin, Southridge @ Pasco, Chiawana @ Richland
CBB9 Tuesday: Davis @ Moses Lake, West Valley @ Eastmont, Sunnyside @ Wenatchee
CBB9 Thursday: Eisenhower @ West Valley, Wenatchee @ Moses Lake, Eastmont @ Sunnyside

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